Feb re-cap

It’s mid-month! That’s often an exciting time for us Amazon authors – we find out exactly how much money we made last month!

February was my best publishing month, BY FAR. That is, until March rolled around – we’re only mid-month and I’ve already passed Feb’s figures ūüôā

Without further ado…

Official February sales figures: 

Sales: 75
KU Pages: 122,686
(Equivelent of 386 total sales)

Amazon.com: $682.96 USD
Amazon.co.uk: £34.90
Amazon.ca: $1.38 CAD
Amazon.com.au: $19.85 AUD

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 7.51.50 pm

As you can see, it was Kindle Unlimited that made this month the best month so far. I’ve had months early on with as many sales (although from memory, they were at 0.99 or 2.99…. most of this months were at 3.99, so more revenue), but this was by far my best KU month.

The dreaded 30-day cliff never materialised (touch wood), but sales and rank actually became stronger.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.09.56 pm

Rank has been holding pretty steady. No idea how long this will last, but I’m stoked while it does!

Most of my income came from the new book, but a bit came from some of my older books. The new book had 357 sales/full reads, my oldest book had 19, and it’s sequel had 10. My other pen name had a grand total of zero. It’s been very quiet there for a few months. I’m contemplating whether to retire it, or try one more release and see how that goes.

I did not get much writing done in Feb, mainly because I was teaching a lot. Feb is usually rather quiet on the CRT front, but I actually worked quite a bit which was good for the old bank account, but not so good for my creativity.

I’m still finding it difficult to do anything worthwhile in the evenings. I’m just so tired and mentally drained once I get home.

School holidays are fast approaching so I will have a chance then to recharge my creative batteries and put pen to paper. In the meantime, I’ll keep on keeping on.


New Release – First 30 days

The new book has been out for 30 days!

If you’re familiar with publishing on Amazon, you’re probably aware of the dreaded 30-day cliff. I’m here. I’m standing on the edge of it. But (knock on wood) I haven’t fallen off yet. My ranking is actually the best it’s ever been today! I have no idea how long that will last. It might all come crashing down tomorrow. Only time will tell.

So, how have the first 30 days been? Better than I expected, that’s for sure! Nothing ZOMG AMAZEBALLS, but, you know, good enough that I’m thinking maybe I’m not so crazy after all to think this might actually work out.

As of this minute, its sold 61 copies (with 1 of those being returned), and had 92,244 Kindle Unlimited page reads. The book is 412 KU pages long, so that’s the equivalent¬†of 223.9 (let’s round up to 224) full reads.¬† So, 284 copies bought and/or read. It’s made me approx. $545 USD, or $685 AUD in those 30 days. I won’t know the exact number until mid-March when the KU rate for Feb gets released. That figure could go up, or it could go down. Just have to wait and see. I’m using a conservative rate though so that I don’t get too disappointed if it’s a lower month.

Below is my Book Report data, showing you how much of a difference the new release has made to my bottom line!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 2.58.24 pmScreen Shot 2018-02-25 at 2.58.51 pm

The reviews so far have been very positive as well. As of my last check, I have 4 reviews on Amazon.com (three 5*, one 4*), one review on Amazon.co.uk (4*) and 12 ratings on Goodreads (average 4.33).

My rank has been holding steady around the 10,000 mark. At the moment it’s¬†#8,314 Paid in Kindle Store.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.03.18 pm

Now… to somehow replicate this. If I had 4 books that managed to get sticky around the 10,000 ranking, I could potentially be earning $2000/month. Easier said than done, though!

ETA(26/2): Hah. I’m silly. I just realised I miscounted. This data is all for the first 4 weeks/28 days. 30 days is today! In the past two days since posting this, I’ve sold another 25 copies and made another USD$60. Also had my best KU day today with 7811 pages read. I’m only 150 pages read from hitting 100k for the month! With three days left (American time), I am very confident that I’ll reach that milestone!

So. 310 copies for the first 30 days, and ~$600US/$750AUD. 


January re-cap

I finally got a new book out! It’s a new secret pen-name, and the only person I’ve told about it are my partner and my mum, so all the sales (apart from 2) have been organic. It’s chugging along better than I expected! Best release yet. Nothing mind-blowing, but I’m happy with it so far.

As of writing, it’s had 32 sales and 51,915 Kindle Unlimited page reads (the equivalent of 126 full reads), making me roughly $395AUD in the two and a half weeks it’s been out. The rank has been holding steady around 12-15,000 in the Amazon.com store, with a few dips into the 9000’s, and down to the 18,000’s. I don’t expect that to last much more than another week or so, with the way Amazon’s algorithms work, but just have to wait and see. Makes me excited to release another book. My previous release was an utter flop, so I’m never quite sure how it’s going to go.

The new book was released on the 28th of Jan, so most of the sales have happened in Feb. Next month’s update will have the bigger numbers!

Official January sales figures: 

Sales: 14
KU Pages: 8,847
Amazon.com: $52.55 USD
Amazon.co.uk: £5.40
Amazon.ca: $1.63 CAD
Amazon.com.au: $5.91 AUD

Real Life Work Stuff:
It was summer holidays right up until the end of January. Term 1 is notoriously slow for CRT (casual relief teacher) work, particularly the first few weeks, so I felt very lucky to be booked by a school for the first two and a half weeks of school! A teacher had unexpectedly quit right at the end of the holidays, and they needed me to fill in until they hired a replacement.

So I surprisingly actually worked one CRT day in January (the 31st, first day back at school). February is shaping up to be much healthier financially than any other February since we moved back to Australia. Last Feb I only worked 6 full days and 1 half day. I think it was only one day in Feb 2016. None in Feb 2015.

No progress on the debt reduction scheme this month, seeing as I had no income. Feb will be better.

Spent $1983.60 in January. The aim is to keep each month’s outgoings under $2000. Preferably closer to $1500. Spent a bit too much on discretionary stuff last month than I should have. Might do a proper breakdown later so I can see where I can cut the fat.


2017 Publishing Recap

It feels far too futuristic to be writing 2018 in my journal, but it is what it is!

2017 has come to a close, all too quickly. Where did that year even go? I have no idea. 2016 and 2017 have blurred together in my mind. I need to make 2018 different!

As is usual for me at this time of year, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and pouring over my numbers and stats for the year.

– 2017 was my best sales year ever. I sold 802 books, which was twice as many as the previous best year (2013 with 401). That surprised me because I didn’t actually have any new releases, and it was mostly my two oldest books doing the heavy lifting.
– I wrote 155,215 words of fiction. Less than I aimed for, but better than other years.
– My income is trending (mostly) upwards;
2013: $545.04
2014: $114.28
2015: $456.80
2016: $703.55
2017: $1260.14

– I didn’t publish a single book. I still only have 4 books out, under two pen names. I was planning to grow that a lot more last year. Disappointed in myself that I haven’t.
– I didn’t write enough. Some months were good, others were abysmal.

I was exclusive with Amazon for all four books in 2017. One of my pen names has been pretty quiet over there the past six months or so, so I’m going to take those two books out once their current Kindle Select term is up (you need to enrol for 90 days at a time) and try them wide with Apple, Kobo and other retailers. Not sure if they’ll do much there either, but only one way to find out!

Looking forward: 

I have a new book coming out in a week. I quietly put it up for pre-order, mostly to give myself a kick in the pants and actually get it done. Haven’t told anyone at all about it yet, but have managed to get 8 pre-orders. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but that’s 8 strangers who have decided to buy my book based purely on the cover and blurb! Fingers crossed the launch goes well, but even if it doesn’t I will keep my head down and keep working. The more books I have out there, the more money I make and the closer I get to reaching my goals. Plus, writing is fun ūüėÄ

I’m on school holidays for the next month, and I’m planning to write the sequel before school goes back.

Tally ho!


The current state of my life

First post, woo! Welcome, welcome.

My name is Bec, and I’m a writer. I’m also intensely interested in personal finance and my long-term aim is to achieve financial independence, preferably through my writing.

This blog is a way to track my progress, thoughts, setbacks, and whatever else floats my boat.

I’ve had a taste of financial freedom in the past (I’ll post about that another time), and I want to get back there. Not having to worry about money sure feels good!

Current situation:
Age: 32
Marital status: Engaged, living together.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Job: Part-time CRT (Casual Relief Teacher), part-time author.
My income: Varies. I make AUD$300/day from the CRT work. I usually work 2-4 days/week as a CRT, while schools in session. My author income also varies from month to month depending on sales. At present, it’s only bringing in around US$60-180/month. This is an area I am aiming to grow. Last financial year my taxable income was about $25,000. Not counting any publishing income, I’m on track to make $30k+ this financial year from CRT work. Publishing money is a bonus at the moment.
Partner’s income: He makes around $80,000 a year working in warehousing for a major international food company.

My finances are pretty sad at the moment.


  • $2500 that I owe my mother.
  • $1500 I ‘owe’ my partner (the cash is going in the joint savings account, but, still…)
  • $4616 I owe on a credit card (0% interest until June)

Total debt: $8616 + $25,730 HECS debt (this is not a priority to pay off at present Рpayments get automatically taken out of our pay once we earn over the repayment threshold Рcurrently somewhere around the $58k/year mark)

My partner is smart and has no debt (yet). He also has no degree (yet) so this situation may change if he ends up going back to uni once his Aus Citizenship comes through (he’ll be able to get a HECS loan).


  • Superannuation¬†$10,300 (this is pretty low for my age, but I worked 4 years in Canada and was paying into the Canadian Pension Plan during that time, instead of my super…). My partner has about $18,000 in his Super account (only been living/working in Aus for 4 years).
  • My personal savings $500 – depressingly low at the moment, and something I need to rectify in the coming year! Fiance is doing much better on the savings front…
  • Partner’s savings ~ $40,000


Within the next 12 months:

  • Pay off all my debts (apart from HECS).
  • Not go any further into debt!
  • Make twice as much money in 2018 as I did in 2017.
  • Have $10,000+ in savings by the end of the year.
  • Publish 6 more books.

Within next 3 years: 

  • Make a living from my fiction. CRT only if I want to, not because I need to.
  • Have over $100,000 in savings between the two of us.
  • Get married.

Within next 5 years: 

  • Buy a house?
  • Pop out a kid?
  • Be earning enough from my fiction to support us both.

Some of it feels very far away at the moment, but that’s where I want to be. Come along for the ride?